How to safely handle money (5 tips for every day)

Each of us will have to "teach" ourselves a lot to handle money this year. And our daughters, too, will inherit from us some of the "rich" lessons they will receive.In the comments, we were asked "how to" safely handle money — what are they waiting for, what should I do?"Well, as always, there are a lot of questions!And the answers to these questions are quite simple.First, to be considered rich, you need to:have a lot of free time;live in a nice big city (or, alternatively, look at the results of your investments in your spare time);have a good "relationship" with money;have a good "money management" skill (this is especially important in an unstable situation like today). the crisis);have a "money locker" or, as they are now calling it, a "wallet".Secondly, a lot can be gained without even leaving your apartment (the Internet and offline banking are just a few steps away from you).You will be surprised, but you will be able to: make your money work "for you" (by making reasonable decisions about its allocation and investment);stop depending on the generosity of society (you have your "fair share" now and forever);make your money "work" for you (by regularly investing some of your income);learn how to increase your savings correctly (and do it as soon as possible);see if there are any money management "gurus" near you (see if there are any suggestions for further reading in this article);do you know how to increase your savings correctly (see if you are currently experiencing a shortage of money);try to find additional sources of income (this can be done online or as an employee of a cooperative or a cooperative);if you have if you have no pension at all (and if you do not have any "assets" at all, then look for feasible options for a feasible part-time job), then take care of this issue.And, finally, every parent should have a "child cushion" of sufficient size. It is especially important for children, because today's children will inherit this money.Protect your money from risks and lossesAs a rule, parents invest their children's earnings. For this, you need to take into account the following::children's investing age (children are less than 3 years old));poverty level (poverty line for a child);taxation of interest on Bank loans (for which parents are responsible for 3 years of the child's life);state support (for which parents are responsible for 3 years of child's life).Have you heard of these examples? Of course, I have!And this is very good! Because today we are waiting for a new financial crisis, and now it has… It's only a matter of time before the